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Quake Live’s Long Wait

February 26, 2009


I suppose on the upside it was at 15727 when I started, so it is progressing


Fallout 3 DLC

February 17, 2009

Just a little something I cooked up while listening to Citizen Game, and their discussion of the Oblivion Horse Armour


Original on Paper

First sketch

Counter-Strike: Source oddity

February 6, 2009

I noticed this strange happening in a game a few minutes ago, with steam refusing to acknowledge their own product as a steam game


Collapse of the Fort

February 2, 2009

Christopher Livingston has decided to migrate from his year-old, excellent blog 1Fort to a new address, First Person Shouter. He originally set up 1fort after completing his amazing Concerned series, intending to make a TF2 based comic in its wake. That idea over time winded down, and he just used the site for anything else he worked on, and news and junk. Now, after more than a year, Christopher has decided to start a blog with a broader frame, (or narrower if you think about it, as he definitely won’t make a TF2 comic there) and I’m looking forward to what he’ll do on it. Yet I’m simultaeneous fearful. I know it’s the same content roughly, the same Chris, but I don’t know man. 1Fort was just… where I went, and stuff. “I’ll go read 1Fort” “I’ll go read First Person Shouter“. I’ll get over it.

I wonder what Nondrick has to say on the matter?