very sick

I has flu

The Cryostasis Tech Demo exhibited some interesting things. It had good lighting effects, and shadows were acceptable, but nothing too overwhelming. There was some good Nividia/AGEIA cloth-fluttery stuff, which I hadn’t seen in practice since Warmonger, and some videos for Mirror’s Edge with AGEIA support. The most impressive thing though, was probably the water. You’re on a boat, so water makes sense, and they’ve done a good bit with it. There was a character in the demo who had a leak above his head, and droplets of water would hit him, roll off, and accumulate in puddles on the floor, every drop accounted for. That being said, that was very noticable, as it was more like drops of mercury or something, as it didn’t flow as realistically as water, slickening surfaces as it went, and there were apparent individual lumps. There were still some cool things going on, anyway. The player went into a frozen room and turned on a heater, and the ice on the walls started to melt, flowing down. It was pretty impressive, and I hope to see such aquatic manipulations continuing throughout. I’m still looking forward to it, even though some RPS nay-sayers have already seen it and have some gripes. (Typing that hyperlink, I accidentally wrote rockpapershitgun at first. I strongly disagree).

Let’s see if I can make it to BMTH on Wednesday, up in Dublin. They truly are… a band


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