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PC Gamer Letter

December 31, 2008

I sent a letter into PCG. Not a literal, papery letter, but a piece of electronic mail. It went like so:

What is a good game? Computers Versus Consoles

There certainly appears to be a difference between the accepted conventions of PC and console games. It’s hard not to get caught up in predispositions and stereotypes when looking at a rival platform, along with its users, but I can’t help but feel there is some glimmer of truth to such sentiments. We can simply take a look at the types of games that would appear on a console more often than a computer; There are many more sports sims and action-adventure titles, which encourage short bursts of play, rather than  mouse-clicking journeys through mystical lands, clocking up scores of hours. Also, a console’s hardware is inferior to a PC’s in most cases, leading to more visually-advanced games appearing on the big box, which might give the vibe that PC Gamers are more concerned about visuals than a console gamer might be. There’s also the difference between the two camps of thought over what a good game is. Consoles have their Halos, PCs have its Deus Exes. Taking a trip back to the PS2, Magazine X awarded the port of Deus Ex a score of 88 out of 100, and 90 to the port of Half-Life. Those are both quite high scores, but those deep, rewarding games shared the high score tables with the shallow, painful shooter Red Faction, which garnered an 88 (69% from you). That is a deep wound to this gamer’s soul, as I pity the console gamers, who equate “an entertaining action adventure that’s not without flaws” to Deus Ex, the “Clever, pacey and plot-heavy” award-winning, PC Gamer GOTY marvel. This intensifies the stereotype of console gamers enjoying quick-fire, brainless shooters, whereas PC gamers are more satisfied with a longer-term delight such as Deus Ex, or many other sterling examples of modern-day excellence.
At least they acknowledged HL’s superiority.

Just saying

I’m dreaming of a radioactive green christmas

December 23, 2008

I picked up STALKER on Steam for a fiver on saturday. It was worth every penny. Hey, I might even go as far to say I would’ve bought it for full price. It’s lots of fun; I’m playing a badass loner who kills all he encounters. I’ll help out a guy with a quest, and then I’ll waste him for some loot. It didn’t work out so well when I killed a handful of Duty troops- now I get attacked when I go on their territory. Nonetheless it’s great.

Christmas is just a few days away. Hoorah. I’m saying Christmas rather than Happy Holidays, because this is the one I celebrate. Happy Hanukkah/chanukah or Ramadam to you if you celebrate those. Or both


December 19, 2008

Last night I noticed that Tom Morello’s Kramery guitar in GH3 would make quite a good body-double for Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat. So I reskinned it. Voila

It worked out better than I expected, and it’ll look good on any FC runs I put on youtube

EDIT: I did up the Kramer Focus, giving it a nice lick of paint and dying a little inside as I wrote Fender on the headstock 😦


No No No No No

December 17, 2008

Noooooo. It’s going to be a beat-’em up… Every single frame of this video has nothing to do with the Watchmen- I pray the movie is no worse. Maybe if the entire game is during Rorschach and Nite-Owl’s crimefighting days, back in the seventies or something. Is the film even set in the eighties? Noooooo……


December 15, 2008

I ordered my christmas present earlier, a second-hand Fender Stratocaster, off of eBay. I bought it for a song, and I’ll certainly play a few, ha ha ha (shut up). I also thought, hmm, what would a single-cutaway Strat look like? A bit like,a  tele, as it turns out, but don’t forget about the contoured body and stuff. Here’s a artist’s rendering


Re: Demoman-Mount and Blade

December 12, 2008

Let me first say nobody loves Concerned, Living in Oblivion and whatever else he writes more than I do. It’s just that I feel Mr. Christopher Livingston was a teency bit misinformed, or under-educated in the workings and intentions of Mount&Blade before he picked this one up. I started off ranting a tad, but I was just trying to express what the game is about, so he can approach it with an open mind.

So here he did one of his great demoman pieces, but I found a few points of contention. His writing is as good as always, but I felt he was being a bit… down on the game, slating its graphical prowess, or lack thereof. Read for yourself, see if you agree.

Anywho, I proceeded to post a comment in response, outlining my thoughts. What lies below is the comment in its entirety, spelling errors intact

The way you say it looks bad for coming out this September, it almost seems like you don’t realise it’s been in development for multiple years now, with periodic beta trials released. Admittedly it does look a little rough, but the emphasis has never been on exploration quite as much as it has been on squad management, amassing an army, capturing slaves, trading and raiding castle. “Poor” visuals help the large scale battles you’re likely to encounter to run smoothly, as there’ll often be upwards of thirty troops in one skirmish. The game’s come along in leaps and bounds from its initial incarnations, with new effects and models added in each addition.
I feel it’s a very dynamic game which has somewhat of a living world, as you’ll get little notifications which tell you things like “The Duke of X was defeated in battle by the Lord of Y, but fled”, so the allegiances are often changing, opening and closing new doors as you go along. This makes each game distinctly different, with you gaining or losing favour with the multiple warring factions. So even on the seven-level demo, you can play differently, either being a merchant with a caravan, a headhunter, a general or even a brigand, attacking farmers and other peasants. Overall I feel it’s a stellar game, and an outstanding achievement for this diminutive development house. It doesn’t look the best, but it plays wonderfully, with a strong emphasis on diplomacy and tactics. And horses

So that’s all I really have to say on the matter. It’s a great game that deserves attention, a purchase while you’re at it (it’s on Steam) and I personally have lots of fun with it. Ultimately, Chris still gave it a rating of five stickybombs out of eight, possibly his highest to date.

GTA For-God’s-Sake

December 4, 2008

If this horror story is to be believed, I might go get it on xbox

Glitch Hero

December 4, 2008

Funky glitch in GH3. I finished a song, and during the “YOU ROCK!”, I minimized, pausing it, even though the song was finished. I maximized and said “quit”, so it said “100% Complete” and then I went to retry the song. But the score magazine popped up regardless