Left 4 Dead Demo Meditations

I played a lot of the short demo last night, and I think it’s super duper.

It was me, Dylan and Shaun, plus a bot for a while, going at it with the zombie horde. It was great to have open channel mics with friends, telling jokes and screaming “awww jessuss aaaargH!” a lot. We’d come up with tactics and then it’d all mess up, try to sprint to the subway and get blindsided, charge out and get Smoked or Boomed. It was all hilarious still. At one point Shaun’s dad joined us, and it was great having Four humans for a while, instead of playing Left3Dead.

Towards the end of our session, in the last few rounds before I quit from exhaustion, it got overbearingly difficult. We’d barely make it out of the apartments before we get overwhelmed. It’d be dead calm, and suddenly we’d be swarmed, or we’d just lose a ridiculous amount of health to very few zombies. At three o’ clock in the morning I had to throw in the towel, wrap it up. We’d been getting thrashed for countless rounds continually, finally making it to the subway, but then Smokers, Hunters and the Witch just blew it all to hell.

This all doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it. It’s amazing, and even part of a first episode or “movie” was infinitely replayable, as we came up with new plans and tactics.

Favourite Moment: Probably when we skipped the whole apartment by jumping onto some air conditioning units on a wall and went into the alley. The craft director wasn’t having any of that though, and a torrent of Zs attacked. Funny stuff nonetheless


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