I’ll be Far Cry-ing myself to sleep

So I bought Far Cry 2 the other day. And then I got robbed of it.

I had intended on picking it up for the last little while, so I finally saddled up, went over to Gamestop and took the plunge. I bought it, a reasonable forty euro investment and took a trip to McDonald’s, having a nice sundae on that chilling afternoon. I went out again about my business around town, but shortly thereafter realised I was sans Far Cry at that point. I rushed back, and- ah! thank goodness the bag is still here. I’ll just pick this up and-

Oh my, the bag is empty. No game, no receipt. Thanks a lot, you morbidly obese knacker sitting across from me. How kind of you.

A customer’s child ward (a grandson, perhaps) told me that the man across from me took it out and put it in his jacket and walked out. Golly goodness me! I ran back to Gamestop, realising the thief’s cunning, and how he would return the game and pocket my money.

I got there, and asked “Has a copy of Far Cry 2 been returned within the last twenty minutes or so”. Indeed one had, for PC. I was crestfallen, as although that was my game physically on the desk, so close, yet so far, I had no real right to own it now. By the shop’s viewpoint, a game had been bought and then returned, and anything could of conspired in between, none of it concerning the retailer. The clerk took my details, but what was he to do? Was the scumbag going to come back “Sorry, I’ve had a change of heart; Here’s the money”? I somehow doubt it.

So yeah, some man was so dishonest to actually rob me of my product and take my forty euro. Pretty slack

That scabs around here somewhere

That scab's around here somewhere


One Response to “I’ll be Far Cry-ing myself to sleep”

  1. UBCS Says:

    Feel kinda sorry for you. But cheer up, you’ll get it soon (Is you haven’t yet!). And most probably with all the patches and stuff. Right now the game feels awesome. But could feel better if they tuned a bit.

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