Double-Oh Demo: Quantum of Shortness, agus Ní Mé Ábalta chun Caint Gaeilge

I just played through the new demo for 007 James Bond Special Agent New Movie Tie-In, or whatever it’s called. Twice. It is very, extremely short, around maybe forty seconds to play through. There are thirteen enemies to kill, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I used four different varieties of weapons, which I expect shall sadly be most of the guns in the full game. The only reason I downloaded this demo was because it boasted being based off of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 engine (I cannot get enough of that game right now). It sadly took the engine, through out all the good parts, and then clunkily stuck Daniel Craig’s on it. And vomited all over it in the process. It was uglier than its best-selling, year-old cousin and just plays like awful. It’s disappointing to see the CoD4 tech abused like this, leaving all the good stuff out. You can’t lean, or go prone, the pain effects are missing, but it does still use the same recovery-over-time system -albeit a very forgiving one- and the surface penentration (pardon me!?) stuff is gone, like shooting through walls. Even with crosshairs off (because I’m that |-|4rd{0r3), it still makes a little x indicating if you hit someone, like in CoD4 multiplayer. And there’s just this terrible inaccessibility to it overall. One interesting thing is a cover system where you… lean against a wall and shoot out. So it switches from first-person to third (or is it second? it isn’t really following him) and you click your mouse and it goes all puew puew. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to all people.

Sorry, you said you had thirty/forty euro to throw in a bin, right?

And now, because I promised myself I was going to do some study tonight, I shall attempt to translate a few sentences of that into Irish.

D’imirt mé an samplach nua do 007 James Bond Gniomháire Speisialta Scannán Nua Tie-In, ó an tideal ceart. Dhá tráith. Tá sé an-gearr, timpeal daichead soicindí chun imir. Tá tríur-déag saíghdúirí chun a mharaigh, ach cinnte, níl mothaigh sé mar é. D’usáid mé ceathair gunnaí difriúil, agus ceapaim bheidh siad a lán pairt do uimhir do gunnaí san cluiche críochacht.

That’s as rough a translation as you’ll get. I am despicable at Irish.


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