I gots me my games!

The darling Tom Francis finally got around to sending out my games- that’s right: I’ve been waiting two months after winning the competition because of an oversight. I don’t really mind, I’m too satisfied with what I got. Here’s what I got, in order of OHHHHH YEEAAAAAH


It was really awesome to get free copies of CoD4 and Mass Effect, considering how they’re both astounding games (and how COD is still around seventy dollars on steam). I’ve also been dying to play Sins of a Solar Empire since I’ve heard so much about it. I already have Crysis, so that stays wrapped up, Lego Indy is quite fun- I’ve started playing through it, and GRID is as good as everyone says it is. The other games are quite so-so, with Hulk only getting an (hnnngh) incredible 20% in PC GAMER. Eww


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