Engie Unlockables

Like everyone else, I play TF2, and like everyone else, I’ve got ideas. Ideas for the new unlockables coming out for every class. Three down, six to go. I have ideas floating around for most, but my most solid ones are for the engineer. Here they are (Sorry if anybody has similar or identical ideas as mine, but I have a blog).

  • Upgrades that allow sentries of level one and two to score critical hits. I feel this’d be good because sometimes your sentries’ll get blown up before you can get them to level three, when they get truly powerful. This’d help prevent their destruction
  • Give engies the ability to lay down ammunition and health pick-ups. They’d have five total, left and right mouse button, which couldn’t be restocked. This would migrate the engies from a defense to a support class. Unfortunately, like all health and ammo kits, enemies would be able to pick these up as well.
  • Ubercharging dispensers that give players an uber that’s deployable at will, but is low health and takes less time to sap. This would help a team that has no medics playing, as is often the case. Or maybe it’d just fill up a medic’s ubercharge as it heals him.

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