Why would you do that?

Stupid sell-outs! I love reading all the articles on Cracked, my favourites being Michael Swaim’s stuff, Hate by Numbers, and the now-defunct News on Cracked. For some reason, probably monetary, the site’s decided to put up big banners promoting Disaster Movie. They had one up before promoting Pineapple Express, but I thought they had some sort of deeper involvement. I guess they’re just a site that has stupid ads now.

Disaster Movie will suck. We all know it. All the “Movie” movies after Scary Movie 2 sucked anal ass. Date Movie, Superhero Movie, Epic Movie. All turd-zingers. So why would a good site do this? They even said themselves how crap Epic Movie was, but strangely I can’t find that article. They said that there just straight up wasn’t a single joke in the whole film. It bet Norbit, a close second and claimed the award for the worst film of 2007. I may not visit cracked as frequently any more.


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