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I’m getting there. I’ve got almost all my heavy gear. I’ve just to get the Killing Gloves of Boxing, ludicriously oversized boxing gloves that give the player five seconds of guaranteed critical hits for every kill he makes with them. The time stacks up too, so if you kill multiple enemies in quick succession, you’ll have more time to mow them down with your other new weapon, Natasha, the new minigun. It does less damage, so you’re unlikely to win one on one against another heavy, but it slows down any enemy you shoot, which is good for taking out retreating foes. Then again, you can forget about it all, just sit back, relax, and eat a Sandvich. It gives you more health, and you’re got an unlimited supply, theoretically allowing you to live forever. Or at least to the round’s end. Once I get the KGB, I’ll have to just sit back and wait for the next pack of unlockables. I love valve, for all the work they’re putting into this, releasing a constant stream of new updates to their game. I wonder what class’ pack will be released next.


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