Random Websites

One interesting thing about the internet is how seemingly endlessly immense it is. There are so many websites that it’s baffling. Could somebody see them all? I’m certain I couldn’t. So, if I’m bored, I mightn’t leave the findin’ up to me. I might use The Random Website Generator. What it does is, well… it just links you to a random website, of course. So you click the big 50s man, and away you go, sent to a random website. Let’s look at some of the site I find

Some irate, anti-Intel ex-employees

A Broken Link

The Guggenheim Museum

The Opera Company of Philidelphia

A guy’s website who I have a feeling nobody’s ever visited. Welcome to my world

Not a real website

I feel prepared food is the best kind of food

One particular page from a linux technical site

And one more for good luck…

Goddamn you Kenneth! You ruined everything

So that concludes the laziest post ever. Talk about making things easy for people. I went on a website, used for finding websites, and I found a bunch of websites for you people to visit. You guys are unbelievable!


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