That’s Heavy, Doc

So the heavy update for Team Fortress 2 is very, very close. Two of his unlockable weapons have been revealed; boxing gloves and a new minigun. I love how game’s unlockables stretch the limitations and write new rules as they come along, like the medic sapping health and the heavy slowing down his enemies. It gets more inventive as it goes along, and this is only the third unlockable set! Who knows what they’re planning for the rest of the classes. Other than valve of course.

So once again, we’ll see some achievment farming, everyone playing as a heavy, and oohs and aahs as the first few people get their unlockables. The only beef I have is that the heavy’s stuff doesn’t reall have the same wow factor for me as say, the pyro’s stuff did, because there isn’t such a huge redesign. Having said that, I’m sure Valve will have me eating those words by tomorrow, perhaps, as they unveil the shotgun replacement. Speaking of eating…

Sandwiches? We shall have to wait and see

Get behind me doctor!

Get behind me doctor!


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