Got Milk?

So I’m looking at these Got Milk? ads, alright? I’m sorta like, it’s good that they’re promoting milk consumption, because people just don’t get enough nutrition these days. It’s a wise idea to have celebrities and sports stars in the ads, so that Average Joe will think “golly, she drinks milk!?”. There’s a time when it seems to get a little strange.

For instance, when Tony Hawk tells you that he’s invented a back-catalogue of tricks, and then credits it to milk, rather than, say, practising or something, this may mislead the audience.

Another Got Milk? ad which doesn’t really make sense are the comic books ones. You’ll see Batman, the Hulk and Spider-Man all with milk moustaches, talking about why they love milk and how it helps them. Thinking about it though, The Hulk probably doesn’t drink milk. Maybe Bruce Banner does, but I don’t think his radioactive, green, rampaging alter-ego would. Spider-Man’s GM ad leaves me a little confused. The milk moustache is over his mask. Obviously so you can see it, but… he wouldn’t have drank it. Plus wouldn’t there be a huge load of milk poured straight down his face aswell, seeing as it didn’t go in his mouth?

I’m just sayin’


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