Alpha Prime Demo

This was a demo I played a while ago on Steam. I read the review in PC Gamer, and I thought I’d try it myself. The game was okay, but only okay. I feel mediocre was the most suitable word to describe it. It was a good shooter with a fairly well-crafted engine, but nothing to formidable. It just seems that it got close to how an ideal game would be, but not all there. It had a recycled action movie plotline of fighting dudes on a Mars mining site. Your name was Arnie.

It had the right notions of what people like in games, but it kind of goofed it in small ways which made it less than perfect. For instance, the enemy troops were armour-clad and had gas-masky helmets. But the helmets looked kind of stupid, so that detracted from it. Also, one weapon in the game is an assault rifle which had a pretty nice look to it, but the barrel spun unneccesarily as it fired, like a minigun. Altogether, it was an okay game. But only an okay game.


One Response to “Alpha Prime Demo”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    So i was pickin my ass last nite nd i was like wtf is this?

    turns out it was a giant man eatin bunny rabbit named james bond….

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