Combat Arms

What a generic name. I was expecting some sort of subtitle, but there wasn’t. Strange

So the premise? Online First-Person Shooter Action. It looks like COD4 with graphics as good as Far Cry, and let’s see how it plays. As well as CS? Maybe. What’s the hook?

Paying for new stuff. In the Gameplay Trailer, we see that there’s an equiptment loadout screen, such as those found in Call of Duty and Battlefield. What else do we see?


Oh lovely, lets pay to have better weapons! Fun for our opponents! Microtransactions do seem to be the way forward for making games free, but like, jeez, let’s just all give 50 dollars to have our Axtinguishers now, eh?

You can argue “But Simon! Some of the changes are merely cosmetic! You can pay for something as irrelevant as camouflage!”

Do you realise how important camouflage is in war? Gosh darnit, Hypothetical Arguer!

Wait… 2,925GP? Hmm, maybe the money is earned with kills ingame, but the whole “30-day use” thing makes me a little skeptical.

I’ll have a play through a few maps and give my verdict

Anywho, things that look good: A kind of loading bar instead of a counter for respawning. I don’t know why, but it seems more appealing

The weapons are all modifiable, with different attachtments such as scopes and watnot.

We shall see

Edit: I had to make an account for the game, so that’s one point against it



One Response to “Combat Arms”

  1. stoops36 Says:

    okay, wow. do you just expect free weapons? because your special you dont have to pay for them? and btw the name is great. it pertains to the whole rank system. okay, if you just bought a weapon, and had it forever. after a while it would just be pointless to have money right? plus what if you spend all of your money on a gun, then you like a new one that just comes out, what now? worst of all you gave a -1 for making an account?!? lol! you are a true noob indead. what, do you think you can just download it and then magicly play? with no ID or anything. you’re a retard, and have no place playing a game as great as Combat Arms.

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