My Name is Flawless

I just scored 99% in My Name is Jonas, on Expert, in Guitar Hero 3. If you don’t believe me…

Soooo close

Don\'tcha hate it when you miff that first solo? GOD

It’s probably one of my favourite songs to play, that and Cult of Personality, because you get to do some really sweet stuff with all the hammer-ons.

Now, I endevour to completely ace this song. I’m talking Full Combo; FC, baby. Once I’m done, I’ll put it up on youtube and here.

EDIT: The lag from fraps is making it difficult to play the song. I’ve set everything down low to compensate. It could turn out that I have to post pictures as my only proof šŸ˜¦

Second Edit: Fraps can go suck a throbbing schlonger. It makes the game run too choppy to play to a proper melody or rhythm. Thanks for ruining rock ‘n’ roll, Fraps


One Response to “My Name is Flawless”

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