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Simon Wonders Number Two

July 26, 2008

I wonder how long it’ll be until governments, in a bid to stop movie piracy, buys all the websites for watching films online and replaces the movies with rickrolls. Like, it’d be in the last 3 minutes, so they’d be like “GODDAMNIT I was just going to find out who Batman is!”


A Leave of Absense

July 19, 2008

I’ll be away for two weeks starting next Wednesday. So this blog’ll be pretty much dead. Oh well, just thought I’d say that.

American Idol Interview

July 17, 2008

A friend I have on myspace is going to audition for American Idol, so I thought it’d be a capital oppourtunity to interview them, to see what goes through someone’s melon when they audition for it. And who knows, she may win, and I’ll be the first person with the exclusive interview, before she was famous.

RMCC: What made you want to compete in American Idol?

It’s a way to get known. Even if you aren’t THE winner, a lot of competitors walk out of there with a record deal. I NEED to get discovered. It’s my dream, and American Idol is just another step in that direction.

RMCC: Do you do a lot of singing? Do you do any voice training or anything like that, and do you think it’d help your chances?

I sing all the time, Literally. I actually haven’t really had voice training, I was in a choir a few years ago. But I didn’t like being with other people. I like to be in the spotlight. I guess it would help my chances, but plenty of people can sing with out voice lessons.

RMCC: When you look back at a lot of the competitors that have been on the show, do you think you have what it takes? There have been some spectacularily bad people on it in the past, so you should do rather well, RIGHT!?

hahah. Truthfully, I dont watch American Idol. I always found it kinda pointless? like if I wanna watch TV, then thats what I’ll do. But if I wanna hear people sing. I’ve got the radio for that…but the times I have seen it. Yea, some’s just like….wow. Mannnn, I sure hope so!

RMCC: Who are your musical influences?

Oh man, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, haha. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood definitely.

RMCC: Finally, what do you think of Simon Cowell? Do you think he is intentionally hard on people, or do you feel he has a fair viewpoint?

Simon is hilarious, he’s so blunt. But he’s always right on the spot. And most of the time they think they’re really good at singing. And he’s just telling them what they NEED to hear

Well good luck with your audition, “B”, and all your future endeavours. Hopefully we’ll see you tearin’ up the charts soon enough

Alpha Prime Demo

July 14, 2008

This was a demo I played a while ago on Steam. I read the review in PC Gamer, and I thought I’d try it myself. The game was okay, but only okay. I feel mediocre was the most suitable word to describe it. It was a good shooter with a fairly well-crafted engine, but nothing to formidable. It just seems that it got close to how an ideal game would be, but not all there. It had a recycled action movie plotline of fighting dudes on a Mars mining site. Your name was Arnie.

It had the right notions of what people like in games, but it kind of goofed it in small ways which made it less than perfect. For instance, the enemy troops were armour-clad and had gas-masky helmets. But the helmets looked kind of stupid, so that detracted from it. Also, one weapon in the game is an assault rifle which had a pretty nice look to it, but the barrel spun unneccesarily as it fired, like a minigun. Altogether, it was an okay game. But only an okay game.

My TF Troubles

July 9, 2008

I’ve been playing 2Fort all day, working as a pyro to get all my unlockable weapons. I got the flaregun and the backburner, which both have their advantages and drawbacks, but there’s something wierd. I’ve got twenty achievements for my pyro, so I should have the axtinguisher, right? For some reason, I just don’t have it in my inventory yet. The flaregun and backburner were immeadiately equippable once I had them unlocked, but for some reason the axtinguisher hasn’t followed suit. The same happened with my medic gear. I’ve got twenty-one achievements, yet I just don’t have the Ubersaw yet. Weiiiird

Here’s some pictures I snapped during my playing

Combined Fire

July 6, 2008

So only one achievement away from my ubersaw, I’m going to pursue the Pyro achievements rather than the Medic ones. I managed to snag three in one round, which I’m pretty proud of. I’ve got four now. I’ll keep you posted

I was also playing as my favourite class, the Sniper, today. I was doing pretty well, even though I got killed my fair share of times. Plus, on the deathcam, I snagged this beauty. Looks like I took a little health off him, too

|300m, h43d5h07

|300m, h43d5h07

Combat Arms: No Access

July 5, 2008

Now if I were to give the game a subtitle, that’d be it. I simply couldn’t “connect to servers”. I turned off my firewell and all that jizz-jazz, but to no avail. So I shall never know what the game plays like. Unless I zip over to youtube…

Looks like an okay game, but not one I’m going to break my back over getting to work. I think I’ll just leave this one to bed.

So, I had to sign up and I couldn’t even get it working?


Combat Arms

July 3, 2008

What a generic name. I was expecting some sort of subtitle, but there wasn’t. Strange

So the premise? Online First-Person Shooter Action. It looks like COD4 with graphics as good as Far Cry, and let’s see how it plays. As well as CS? Maybe. What’s the hook?

Paying for new stuff. In the Gameplay Trailer, we see that there’s an equiptment loadout screen, such as those found in Call of Duty and Battlefield. What else do we see?


Oh lovely, lets pay to have better weapons! Fun for our opponents! Microtransactions do seem to be the way forward for making games free, but like, jeez, let’s just all give 50 dollars to have our Axtinguishers now, eh?

You can argue “But Simon! Some of the changes are merely cosmetic! You can pay for something as irrelevant as camouflage!”

Do you realise how important camouflage is in war? Gosh darnit, Hypothetical Arguer!

Wait… 2,925GP? Hmm, maybe the money is earned with kills ingame, but the whole “30-day use” thing makes me a little skeptical.

I’ll have a play through a few maps and give my verdict

Anywho, things that look good: A kind of loading bar instead of a counter for respawning. I don’t know why, but it seems more appealing

The weapons are all modifiable, with different attachtments such as scopes and watnot.

We shall see

Edit: I had to make an account for the game, so that’s one point against it


My Name is Flawless

July 1, 2008

I just scored 99% in My Name is Jonas, on Expert, in Guitar Hero 3. If you don’t believe me…

Soooo close

Don\'tcha hate it when you miff that first solo? GOD

It’s probably one of my favourite songs to play, that and Cult of Personality, because you get to do some really sweet stuff with all the hammer-ons.

Now, I endevour to completely ace this song. I’m talking Full Combo; FC, baby. Once I’m done, I’ll put it up on youtube and here.

EDIT: The lag from fraps is making it difficult to play the song. I’ve set everything down low to compensate. It could turn out that I have to post pictures as my only proof 😦

Second Edit: Fraps can go suck a throbbing schlonger. It makes the game run too choppy to play to a proper melody or rhythm. Thanks for ruining rock ‘n’ roll, Fraps