Okay, a little history lesson, one that caught my eye because it, frighteningly, runs in parallel with a movie that I made. My movie, Confragosus Pannus Oscissor, latin for The Rugged Rag Murderer, was the story of Jack Everyboy, who witnesses a horrific ragging, and vows to catch the killer. Here is the film

So as you can see, The Rugged Rag murderer ragged his victim with a white rag, and then is later seen with a yellow j-cloth.

We now turn to the story of Behram the Thuggee, from India. He was a serial killer who is often said to be the most profilic serial killer in the world, with more than 900 murders under his belt. Wowie

And wouldn’t you know, he is said to use a yellow-and-white hankerchief/cloth. Gee, let’s just call that a, hmm, I don’t know, a rag, maybe?

And look how goddamn rugged he is! My God he\'s evil

I’m just sayin’, it’s rather coincidental. Plus, the rag was called a ruhmal.

Ruhmal, rugged. Hmm, anybody else getting anything there?


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