TF2 Update

My Steam is now updating Team Fortress 2, for all the new stuff they’re putting in. That happens to be the new achievements, maps, bug fixes and, most importantly, the Pyro’s unlockable weapons.

There’s also a small tweak that gives custom death icons for the unlockable weapons, which is cool, and they put in a fix that keeps the achievement box open on the menu after you exit from it, so it will be the same when you press Esc again. That’s very good to hear, because if you’re working hard, trying to get plenty of achievements, it’s annoying that you have to open up the window, and say Medic Achievments Only and then go down through the list. That always bothered me.

I will give you my thoughts on the new Pyro gear, if I see anybody running around with it particularly early on. I bet, like with the Medic’s achievements, we’ll see numerous pyros running around. And I mean numerous


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