Nothing to Write About

I really don’t have anything to write about, so I’ll try to think about stuff.

I took a can of Red Bull from my brother

I’m trying out a Source mod called Infection

I recently bought Red Orchestra, but I haven’t really played enough to give my analysis of it. I’ll just say that it’s very realistic, with you getting killed very easily, but it’s very hard to shoot anyone, so it evens out. There are a lot of hotkeys, and they’re in an unusual layout, for me, so it’s kinda meh. It’s a very good game anyway, except for one map I played. It was just a bunch of tanks over a huge area.

I’ve ordered my copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, after a wonderful trial period. Vista really is quite a good operating system, once running patched up to all its current state.

I got new shorts recently

Putting spaces in between everything you say makes a post look rather long


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