My Life Goals

Leaving Cert this. College that. Boring Job those. Listen maaaan, I’m not going to conform to the machiiiine dude! I’m going to live my life! Sure, I’m going to do my Leaving Certificate Examinations, and go to College and get a degree. But after that, I won’t be some lowly peon whipped to be a corporate drone. Here’s the skinny on how I’ll do something, which interests me.

I’ll do my Leaving Cert and go to college. Straight up enough. Do some courses, you know the drill.

While in college, I’m going to play Lacrosse, because it’s an uber sport and my brother plays it. Pretty normal, a lot of people play sports.

I’m also going to work as a limo driver on the side. It’s a job, but not everyone does it. It sounds like fun. Wear a black suit, have a hat, drive long cars. My sort of thing.

After college, with all my limo driver money, I’m going to fly to Missoula International Airport, Montana. I’ll find a cozy, quiet little town, probably Moose Town. Not only because of its rad name, but because it’s the sleepy forest community I’m looking for. Also, it’s a little while east of the most astounding place on earth, Boner Knob. Just the fact that a place could be named that proves that there is a God. And just so it’s not a fluke, let’s look at some surrounding areas: Beaver County, Butte, Anaconda, and Big Hole. Oh yes.

The main reason I want to go to a small, mountainous town is to become… a sheriff deputy. I’ll ingrain myself in the small community, marry the fire-chief’s daughter to gain my green card, and then apply to be the Sheriff Deputy. I know everyone says they want to be a police officer, but I really want to be this type of police officer. It’s just so idyllic, you know? It’s just because I watched Walker, Texas Ranger, and Twin Peaks. Moose Town, here I come


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