Red Orchestra Ostfront Forty-One, Forty-Five Dollars

I have decided to get Red Orchestra for my next video game purchase. I’ve budgeted my income for the next two weeks to afford a copy of Windows Vista before my evaluation trial runs out, and I had a wee bit of cash lying over. And good news! Red Orchestra, which scored a quite respectable 83% in PC Gamer UK, is going for a ridiculous five dollars on Steam. I mean come on, that’s insanely low. It’s almost stealing. Some survey which I don’t know enough about to link said that people wouldn’t steal warez from teh torrentz if it were as easy as Steam. and now it’s cheap too. I seriously think that it’s overwhelming value for a multiplayer game. It’s only this weekend that it’s five dollars, so be sure to pick it up!

With my readerbase, or lack thereof, that’s most likely all just a mental note for self.


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