Para More Please

Yeah, that sure was quite a good concert. We took the bus early morning and got there early afternoon. We bought shorts, had some McDonald’s and eventually took the Dublin Area Rapid Transit, or DART for shot, over to some place where we could walk to the RDS. I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention to the signs at the train station. Anywho, after standing in the baking sun in line for around 2 hours, the rockin’ did begin. First up were two support bands (funny how I used the number two, and then the word two alternating, isn’t it?) called Home Star Runner, and Steer Clear, in that order. They were okay. Did a little moshing, ya know?

Inch by inch, me and the gang made our way up closer and closer to the front. My goodness, it was hard to breathe. The majority of our group couldn’t take the heat, and it was then only Robert Grimes and I. We were amazingly close, and the crowd went ker-azy when Paramore came out. Ker-azy for Hayley Williams. She was pretty smokin’ in person, and she had quite a lot of energy up on stage. One funny thing is that she was going on with her whole “You must be the best crowd ever thing!”, even though someone hit her in the face with a glow stick. Oh well. Towards the end of the show, I got a foot up off Robert and I crowd-surfed quite far up. By the end of my bodacious and gnarly people-riding, there was nine people between me and the stage. If everyone lined up in single file, I’d probably be in the third or fourth row. Mmm, four rows away from Hayley Williams…

It was quite a good night anyway, and totally worth it. Here’s their encore:


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