I blutsauer’d your mother

Just kidding, she’s a nice lady.

Speaking of blutsauers, I unlocked mine today, the first unlockable piece of equiptment in TF2. You get it for achieving 12… achievments, and I’m on 14 or so. All thanks to achievementbox_b3, a whacky map designed entirely for achievements. Chris has a more in-depth look at it on his blog.

Anywho, I’m quite pleased with my new little toy. It’s quite lovely

Just look at it:


Personally, I feel that it’s the most practical perk out of the three, namely: The blutsauer, the kritzkreig and the ubersaw. Sure, the kritzkreig will give you all-crits for 10 seconds, and the ubersaw charges your ubercharge as you stab people, but come on, a vampire needlegun! That defies physics. If anything, you should give them health, because the needles are flying into your opposition. I’m not complaining though, it’s sweeet.


One Response to “I blutsauer’d your mother”

  1. CorpseGrinder Says:

    Ur sweet

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