Quadruple Bypass

That title has a double meaning, relevant of my social on-goings.

Two days ago Alex and I visited Supermac’s, an irish fast-food chain. The food’s the most unhealthy stuff ever. That’s one delicious burger, I thought, as calories upon calories piled into my belly. “You know what we should do? We should buy like, eight of these things tomorrow, and just eat them all.” We stuck to our plan, and rendezvoused in the evening at Supermac’s. We misjudged the price, and instead, bought eleven cheeseburgers. I really think if I ever see a doctor about this, he’d just be like “Eleven. Cheese. Burgers”.  I can’t blame him. The burgers were oily, the meat was wooden, the ketchup was sugary, and the cheese was anything but cheese. We had five and a half burgers each. By the first, we were full, but we persevered. By our third each, it was becoming a challenge to swallow. We had trouble breathing. I had to check my heart every thirty seconds or so to see if it was still beating. It was hell. The last burger was cold, but we simultaneously downed them, chewing quickly and vacuuming down large chunks. After the ordeal, depression set in. Why was I doing this? It was the first of hopefully many insane things to do in the summer, but still, what is wrong with my life that eleven cheeseburgers seems a good idea. Oh well

The second thing this post’s title references is Team Fortress 2. I’m working hard on the achievements, more specifically the medic ones. I’ve got a handful so far, but plenty more to go. It’s really good fun trying to get some, like synchronising a triple uber-charge deployment, but it’s great fun. Medic’s now rocketed up from least to most-played class.

I’ve also been playing a little bit of the Quake 3-based multiplayer game, Open Arena. I joined a game, and in the few minutes I was there, I went from the bottom of the table to fourth place. I won the next match 🙂

Just try and match my rail skills, fool.


One Response to “Quadruple Bypass”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    11 cheezeburgers? NIOCEEEEEE

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