Snipe Alive

So I was reading the new PC Gamer I bought today, so I was. And in it, they had an article “Class-ical Music”, which had a bunch of TF2 themed songs, tailored to various classes. They were mainly remixes of some of the classes’ dialog (I particularly liked the Engie Dragonforce one). So then I read the box for one of my favourite classes, the Sniper. I’m shocked to see that there is merely lyrics for a song, based off Portal’s excellent song, Still Alive.

PCG: “If any sweet-voiced reader has the guys to sing them, there’s a great piano verson of the Still Alive music to back you up here…”

Why yes I am!

So I slaved over recording the song, singing along with the lyrics, chopping bits, re-recording other bits. I tell you, it’d be nice to be in a proper studio. There, I’d have a dude cuing up all the sound while I read the lyrics, rather than me having to quickly tap the buttons from Audacity to the firefox window with the words. And sadly, in the end, there was no studio magic to help with my terrible microphone’s criminal washing out. Anyway, I’m giving you, the readers (yeah, both of you) a sneak peak at the song before it hopefully appears in PC Gamer. There it is, in ultimate sketchy form, because wordpress wouldn’t let me upload the mp3 to the site. I’ll find a safer method soon. PCG Rocks, I’m outtie


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