And we’re live!

Finally got the internet in my room, on my super-duper computer. Sadly, it’s the weakest connection ever. It’s 2 out of 5 green bars of strength, in a manner of speaking. This could be due to the distance, the receiver being crappy, or my two brothers, my father and anyone else using the family pc, all on the internet simultaneously. Only time shall tell. Hopefully it’ll speed up after a while, because I really want to get my pwn on. Blazin’ in TF2 with 120 FPS, the HDR in my eyes as the ultra-high quality textures and models animate the scenes of violence. The stuff dreams are made of. Plus, with the internet, I can satisfy my hunger for internet goodies such as, MSN, game mods, free indie games and other… interests. Such as writing this blog!

Speaking of other “interests”, though I stress the following is not one of my own, I was thoroughly disturbed recently. I know this guy, and there was a video of him being tickled on youtube. He screamed like a little girl. Now I heard through the grapevine that there was a rather disconcerting comment posted on the video in question. I must check that out, for a jolly good laugh, I decided.

Cute hehe 🙂 said the comment. Who would post such a thing about a little man-on-man tickling I wonder ?

So I went to his page. And I looked at the comments. Thanks for your comment, and stuff of the sort. Comments of which videos? Let’s look at his favourites

Foot fetish videos. Around twenty-something foot fetish videos. I was like WOAH. They showed asian boys showing off their feet, and dudes licking one another’s toes. Ewww. Can you do a dirty foot strip? Like with shoes and no socks, and then take them off? Read a comment on one vid. Eurghuck. Rank, man, fairly rank.


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