“Is that… okay?”

So the other day me and buddy Al were walking around Lidl, a low-cost german food store which has taken the nation by storm with their 3c ham and €2 microwave dinners. There we were, walking around, snooping for treaty-weeties and whatnot, when we spied something horrifying. It’s not like I was specifically trying to notice this thing, but it just popped into the corner of my eye. Yes, it was indeed the thing that my other comrades , Dave and Dean had mentioned before, a pair of girls underpants. Simon, you pervert, you say, why were you looking at them? Well, my good man, it was difficult to not look at it, considering the acceptionally ambiguous packaging.

Now, when clothes are sold, like a t-shirt or something, the packaging, if it comes in some, would naturally exhibit the clothes being modeled by someone. The story was the same case for this. But the horror was, the toddler model was naked entirely other than those small underpants.

Now I, personally, and stop me if I’m wrong, feel that it’s a little unacceptable to have such advertising shown. It’s not only public indecency, but it’s also borderline child pornography. I’m sure the clothing company didn’t intend to have it come off like that, but sadly, in today’s horrendous society, some people will take some pleasure from little naked children. I mean, just due to human nature, I don’t want to have to see that kind of thing in day to day life, out of fear of what other people will think. It’s just like, a bad situation to be caught in. So yeah, dear German clothes company, please don’t put naked little girls on your packaging. That’s not quite the status quo


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