Update whydoncha

I’m getting a little annoyed that some people aren’t updating their blogs all that frequently. I’m hooked on reading their whacky exploits of game-development and non-adventuring, but I’m not seeing new stuff all that often. Since I’ve started blogging, I can relate to how, like getting out of the bed in the morning, or murdering clowns, it’s kind of hard to just start writing a blog. Like those things, however, it’s also good to get them over and done with quickly, and be satisfied with the finished product. It’s difficult work for Chris, writing about Nondrick, because he’s got to play the game for one game day, write about it, take pictures, and then post it all. But there also hasn’t been anything posted in the last few days on 1fort (I sure as hell hope that the guys haven’t died or something, and now I’ve called them lazy and their family will be like “how could you!?” and then I’ll be all “Hey, it’s not my fault that they’re lazy-bones).

In other news, my new pc arrived. It’s so lovely. It’s got Core 2 Quad at 2.6Ghz, pre-overclocked 8800GTS 512, and 2GB of Corsair RAM. It’s quite delicious indeed. I’m running Vista, which is quite good indeed. It’s very straightforward and intuitive, and with Service Pack 1, it’s smoother than a dead clown’s pancreatic lining. The people that whine about Vista have definitely never used it. It’s even great for games. I mean, come on, Crysis with everything on high in DirectX 10 is just jaw-dropping. My jaw dropped, I tells ya!

Here are some really crap photographs, except for the last one, because that was when I turned up the res from 800×600 to something like 3250×2900 or something


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