My Shreddin’ Ain’t what it used to be

I think I’m getting worse at Guitar Hero. I failed a few songs tonight that I’ve passed before: Laid to Rest, The Trooper a few times before I got it, and that’s kind of annoying. I’ve completed them before but for the last few days I’ve been failing songs left right and centre. Maybe it’s just that it in fact took me as many tries to get them before, and I’ve forgotten that, or maybe it’s because I’m wearing shades while I play.

Going surfing tomorroooooow. Promises to be rather fun. I feel a little guilty, because I’m going to miss my choir recording a song downtown, but in fairness, surfing was a prior commitment, so it wins.

I’m getting the demo of a game called Overclocked: A History of Violence. I’ll review it in a few days, or tomorrow, depending on how much of a toughie it is. It’s a 3D puzzler point-and-click, and I’m praying it’ll be more Monkey Island than Myst, more Broken Sword than Bejeweled.

“Overclocked: A History of Violence”?

Those 9800s are a doozy



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