Short Post

I’m just writing a short post to say that if you haven’t had a chance yet, and you’re a fan of TES IV: Oblivion, go over to Living in Oblivion, by Concerned’s Christopher Livingston, and give it a concise perusal. If you’re a fan of that blog, perhaps you could pick up this month’s PC Gamer UK, as there will be a feature on it. I am in fact, talking about what Chris himself talked about. So I’ve just blog about what Chris blogged about blogging. So sue me.

In other news, I just returned from the Doctor’s like, ten minutes ago. Clean bill of health. Ya
Alright, I’ve changed my mind. This will be a long post. I’m going to talk, at length, about a preposterous idea that my braw Dean came up with. It was “The Stone Cold Said So Show”. He told me that Stone Cold Steve Austin had his own talk show in the works, where he’d interview guests, and then Stone-Cold-Stunner them. Suuuure. He said that Seasons One and Two would be available to purchase on DVD at Tesco’s exclusively at Christmas time. Suuuuuure. So imagine my surprise when I see that it didn’t come out. I was crestfallen, heartbroken, lungbroken. It was teeerrrrrrrrible. I’d really like to see this idea come to life. Come on Mr Steven Williams, what could you possibly be up to that’s so important compared to chatting with, and then beating, guests. Talk to NBC man

And now our first guest, PAIN

And Chris, baby, throw me a bone and talk about this post ;)


One Response to “Short Post”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    i really really thought there wud be a show.
    id love if he saw this post thtat wud be epic.

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