Ewan is 1337

I am, as I promised, a steamed bear. GTA never reared its head at Tescos last night, and so I do not have the game. My next scheme is ordering it off HMV, and then using my gift card from last christmas to get some money off. It isn’t in stock right now, but hopefully I can order it like that, and then receive it whenever. Yes, I really am so cheap as to go through such means to save €25.

I probably should have made a blog just for Waiting for GTA, but I never realised I’d be so drawn in by the desire, or that it would take so long. Also, it’d be a very linear story, because whenever I do get ‘IV’, then that’s the end. It’d probably be like, two posts. They’d be like:

Post 1

GTA came out today. Going to go get it later

Post 2

Got GTA. Nico is Russian. I’m just saying

So, there evidentally isn’t much life in such a pursuit. Oh well



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