Just IVget about it

I went down to Tescos a few minutes ago to see if they had any copies of GTA IV left. They had them there for only €40, and they got them in last night at around four in the morning. But there wasn’t any left by the time I got there. They’re expecting a new shipment of them Friday night at midnight (well, Saturday morning I guess), but I don’t know if I’ll be getting it. I most likely will get it, because it’s such a good deal, but I’ll try not to think about it much, because if I get all pumped for it but they’re all gone when I get there, that’d be lame. But it looks pretty awesome anyway.

In the meantime…

Hey man, I keep it oldskool

So where can I pick up a copy of Saints Row in the meantime?

But seriously man, GTA


One Response to “Just IVget about it”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    u shud go down nd get teh game on friday nite (saturday mornin)
    dont be a noob nd not get it.it looks so fuckin good.

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