Voxelstein 3D

Wow. I’ve waited my whole gaming life for something like this. A game that truly has 100% destructible scenery. You can smash boxes, little bit by little, blow your way through floors and walls, even smash radios and vending machines to see what’s inside them. It doesn’t have for any unfulfilled promises with its scenery deformation like Red Faction did. This has complete, full damage to every surface and all the scenery. It’s also the world’s first FPS.

So what do I think of a Wolfenstein 3D with a realtime deformation engine? The same I’d think of burning alive with realtime deformation. I love it. Sure, it’s not the prettiest, but you’ve got to give it a try. Just the fact that you can approach the level with any style. Either finding all the guns, killing all the dudes and bolting, or sneaking around and knifing only those who obstruct you, or what takes the most advantage of the engine; blowing up walls, floors and doors and your enemies. Who have ragdolls. Ragdoll physics in the first 3D game ever made. That’s madness!

Let me give you a brief walkthrough: You start in a cell with rusty bars. Use your knife to saw through the bars at the top and the bottom. Now do whatever you want. Seriously, the whole building you’re in is truly, hand-to-God completely destructible. I can’t say it any more simply than that. Just download it, thank me afterwards, and then monkey around with the source code so we can get “Voxelstein HD”

Get it here


One Response to “Voxelstein 3D”

  1. CorpseGrinder Says:

    yea it sounds good,but man teh graphics look terríblé.

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