Dimitri the Bird

So I’ve got this cartoon character called Dimitri the Bird. He’s like, this crow with big eyes and a crop of red hair. I think I’ll get him patented or something. He’s handy, I like him and my mom likes him, so he’s a cool dude. I first drew him in third class, imagining that he had a “vast bag of seeds”. Yeah, I dunno. He had an evil twin brother called Ravenov, but I guess that’s just one of those things every comic book character needs, some sort of opposite to have whacky adventures with. Ravenov was pretty half-baked anyway, so I only drew him once. I’ve never had Dimitri in any like, comic strips, but he’s just be in pictures and whatnot. I’m not going to post a picture in case Disney steals him and makes a movie out of him. But yeah, he’s a cool dude


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