What’s Annoying Simon? Part 2

I’m glad you asked! There’s a few things that are “at” me today, but nothing major. I’m a little tired, my neck’s sore, and I’ve sorta wasted my day. Because of the cast party last night, I’m all sore. I feel as sick as a dog, but I’m sure I’ll be fine by tomorrow, so no worries.

Another thing that’s pissin’ me off right now is Guitar Hero. I love the game, but it’s given me a lot of grief lately. Firstly, the disc for GH2 was scratched since I got it, and I can’t actually play past psychobilly freakout. So that’s a lamer. Secondly, an unnamed n00b lost the dongle off the bottom of my controller for GH, so that it can’t go into the usb slot now. I really don’t think mouse-to-USB adapters exist. Also, the end of the wire now doesnt even look 100% like a mouse’s, as it doesn’t have any pins, whereas a mouse does. So thanks a lot, man. This means that, unless I want to use the xbox 360 controller like a n00b, I one-hundred percent cannot play Guitar Hero 2. I’ll probably email RedOctane and see if they can send me a new dongle. Bah


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