Damn dishwasher

I’ve been neglecting the blog recently, and I know it. I guess I just don’t often have news to talk about on my blog. But I sure have quite a lot of stuff flying around today.

First off, the blog title: I was cooking a turkey sanger, and felt a bit thirsty, so I got a cup from out of the cupboard. At the bottom of the cup was a small rusty-coloured mark. It was either dried drinking chocolate or poo, so I wasn’t going to risk drinking out of it. Do I place it back in the cupboard? No, someone else would wind up drinking from the dreaded poo-cup. So I go to put it in the dishwasher. As I open it I see, to my horror, that the dishwasher was on last night. So I go ahead and empty. That gave me something to write about anyway.

Also, I’ve ran into quite a bit of dough recently. Around €700, more if I save for a little bit longer. So I’m set on buying a pc for myself, since I’m rolling on a 2004 rig, with a graphics card from 2006. The old girl’s still AGP, so I feel it’s time to ditch this scene, get myself a real hot-rod. A real good value-for money hot-rod. This bad boy will have a quad-core processor, 2gb of RAM, and a DirectX 10 capable 8800gt gfx card. It promises to be quite a good gaming system anyway, for Crysis and other recent games. I’ll mostly be playing Crysis, Oblivion, Condemned (2 as well, if that ever arrives on PC), Team Fortress 2, and some other stuff. The whole load of stuff I’m getting, which I’m ever tweaking to my liking, is around €550, which is pretty good value in my opinion.

Along with that, I’ll also be getting Hitman Triple Pack (which contains Hitman 2, Hitman Contracts and Hitman Blood Money), the F.E.A.R Platinum Collection (Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate, the expansions, are in there too) and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It’s excellent on the xbox, so I’m going to get it on PC. I might snap Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2 also.

In other news, I love Science! I will be attending “Sci-Fest” next Tuesday in the WIT College Campus, and it will be a fairly stripped down, third-rate Young Scientist’s Exhibition. I’m looking forward to it anyway, and the work we’ve put into our project has been the best week I’ve ever had in school. Our experiment is to see if video-gaming can improve reaction time and reflexes. To test this, we had study participants (i.e. guinea pigs) take a short reaction test, then have a gaming session, and take the reaction test again. Then, we could analyse their results to see if gaming did in fact improve their reaction time and reflexes. So, in layman’s terms, we’ve been playing Halo 3, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty 4 all week in school. In school. I love science


One Response to “Damn dishwasher”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    I was cooking a turkey sanger
    lol sanger.
    ur pc will pwn

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