Grease Was the Word

Well, Grease is finally over. We had a pretty good run, and all our hard work paid off indeed. It was a tearful night, but not from me man. I’m callous. Like stones.

Good films to watch

American History X

This was the most beautiful and moving film I’ve ever seen. It’s a tale of brotherhood, trust, betrayal, acceptance and hatred, and will make you feel guilty for all the horrible things people can put one another through. Known mainly for the “Curb Stomping Scene”, it’s seriously way more than that. It’s heartmoving and will profoundly resonate deep inside you.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

A total opposite to AHX, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is a fun cross-country romp that’s guaranteed to entertain your pants off. One of Tim Burton’s early directorial pursuits, the film is a clean cut, well rounded family-film with universal appeal, and is held together by Paul Ruebens quirky touches. And he dances on a table to Tequila!

So yeah, those are two films worth checkin’ out


One Response to “Grease Was the Word”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    Why isnt click there? tats a good movielololololol

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