Scratchin’ ma heart

That’s a retarded title, Simon. I bet you just wrote it for an excuse to mention scratches.

Oh, you got me! Yes, indeed there is some scratch-related news. My Guitar Hero 2 disc has been scratched since I got it, so whenever I tried to play Psychobilly Freakout (but really, why would I want to?), the game just like, stopped. Which was a shame. It’s gotten increasingly worse in recent days, with a large portion of the game not working, ranging from Psychobilly Freakout, all through Tier 9 and all the Bonus Songs. I can’t play them in practice mode and I can’t play them in co-op, so it’s a real kick in the schnozz. Buuuuuut I emailed the retailer (or retailor if you like words that are spelt like “sailor”) about a return, and now they’ve emailed back, so everything will be all hunky-dory. I’ll return it on monday and get a replacement a little while after.

In a related story, my twenty-seven song Guitar Hero 2/3 session has sadly been cut down in its prime 😦 Instead, I’ll be playing a five-song set, and then play real guitar. See guys, I can play real guitar! It’s going to be a super secret song, which will astound all. Buuuuut we currently need a bassist…


I WANNA RAWK! Both Virtually and Really!

Please note how I try a radically different art style each frame.

Please note how crap it is.


One Response to “Scratchin’ ma heart”

  1. CorpseGrinder Says:

    whos teh person in teh tarzan top???

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