Funny story about that title. I couldn’t come up with a one, so I decided that I’d randomly select one somehow. I read the date on something, which had “18th” on it, and so I said, “My title will be the eighteenth word on the “I’m Feelin’ Lucky” result of the words…” I looked around, grasping for text. “Crisis (Crysis Game box) Asgard (Sailing pamphlet)”. So I typed Crisis Asgard into Google, pressed that oh-so magical button, and was redirected to… an insurance site. And you’ll never guess what the eighteenth word was (refer to title)!

Work Experience finished up tomorrow, and it’s been an educational two weeks. An INSANELY educational two weeks. It was revealed to me today that,  much to my pleasure, that in fact would be receiving a bit of money for my work. It turned out to be quite a sizable undisclosed sum of money. Hmm, let’s say a FIVE HUNDRED EURO undisclosed sum of money! So take that, all you lazy bums: conclusive proof that working hard is in fact the way to make a decent honest buck! I’m not greedy, and told my cooperating worker, Ger, that it was certainly far too much money. It’s so much money I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll probably buy a PS3 or something.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news at the office, as my Guitar Hero 3 tournament fell apart. Oh well, I’ve got other GH news so no need to cry about it. As those close and dear to me know, I am in Grease, and every musical has a cast party. Sooooooo me and my friend Adam Power figure that we’re both rather good hands at Guitar Hero, so why not have a pathetic, sad little gig all night. We’ve picked around twenty-five songs, from Guitar Hero 2 and 3, to play during the cast party. The lineup includes The Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, KISS, Van Halen, Guns n Roses, DragonForce (hells yeah) and Metallica. One night only, tickets subject to availability. Hopefully the whole thing turns out to be rockin’ extreme, though you can never be too sure. In fact, Adam’s never played GH3 in his life, so we’ll have to practice endlessly (Well, one week-lessly). So in conclusion, things will hopefully go rather to plan, and it’ll be a real corker!

I suppose in retrospect, in hindsight, as I glance to the past with a moody scowl, I could’ve name this post “Guitar Hero news” or something, but maaaaaan that would’ve made the first paragraph of this skeet-diggery make no sense at all!


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