The show is consuming my life

I ain’t kiddin’, g-fresh. Yesterday. from 11am until 11pm, I was at rehearsals! Naturally, I was late by about twenty minutes, but it was okay, because it hadn’t really gotten started even. But by the end of the day I was tired and I had wounds on my hands for some inexplicable reason, but by Jove, we were closer to getting this ‘mother’ over and done with. So tomorrow the show opens. I’m sure go okay for it’s 5-day run. It’s a dress rehearsal today, from six until ten, so I’ve got to bring jeans, a white t-shirt, converse, a suit jacket, a pair of slacks and a shirt. Should I bring other shoes, or just wear Converse to the prom? Is it feasible to be high-school-hoppin’ in low-top sneakers? Will Ms Lynch, the stern teacher of unknown classes, scold me? These are the things one must consider when acting as a student from the 1950s who spontaneously bursts into song and dance. I’ll try to put up pictures of the show, and there’s likely to be a scarcity of posts until I’m done.

Fun Fact!

Giraffes have twenty-inch, black tongues. I’m just saying


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