No post yesterday!? Blame Hot Hob

Yeah, get used to that sort of thing, I was working and then had a concert, so I wasn’t on the computer at all. Or at least, on a PC that would allow me to log into wordpress.

So yeah, work was rather wacky yesterday and today. I was actually doing stuff. Yesterday I had to shred CVs that had been filed, and today I had to file CVs. So I guess, in a year or so, when someone’s on work experience, they’ll shred the ones I filed, and file new ones. And so it will go, in an endless cycle. The horror…


I have my own t-shirt business, I’ll have you know. Tosh, Alex and I started it for an Enterprise project in school. We sold a fair few, and the hook is that it’s all unique, hand-drawn artwork. Hot Hob T-Shirts, man. We’ve got a few varieties, including:

Sad Banana!

( --------  >

Cautious Coconut!

He\'s playin\' it safe

Promiscuous Pear!

He\'s a pretty saucy one

So yeah, those are some of the shirts, the best sellers, the Premium Creamium. I’ve semi-considered starting an online store, but meh, maybe orders through this blog would work just as well…


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One Response to “No post yesterday!? Blame Hot Hob”

  1. Jesus Says:

    I will buy 10000000000000000000 plz. kthnxbi.

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