I really like American Girls

More work experience today, where I was told that I work too hard, because I did what was estimated as a day’s and a half’s work in one morning, yesterday. So I guess that’s one of the perks of the job, when you get to spend your last hour on the pc, reading stuff over at Bit-Tech or building a pc at komplett. Only €570 if I wanted to upgrade my comp to modern stuff with an 8800GT(S), so that’s something to save for.

My school’s choir went down to Christ Church Cathedral tonight, to sing with some a Californian high school choir (from San Clementia- way too perfect for this blog) which is touring Ireland. It was pretty sweet, they sang some good songs, and we got to have a chat-a-rama with them afterwards. I was talking to this one girl, Emily, who surfs. It was rather interesting, I must say. We talked about some films, which she had never seen, and she called Killarney “Malarkey”, but hey, she’s a n00b to our culture. I was informed that I have a prominent Irish accent, which I was rather surprised about. Also, as a tribute to our culture, our Irish culture, they sang… The Beatles. Oh, those whacky choiristas.


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