Experience, Work

So I started Work Experience today, in my Dad’s office. That is to say, the office of the company he works for. And even at that, there’s three buildings; he’s in Building Three, I’m in Building One. I clean up all three of them as a weekend job, so I knew the layout back to front, which was handy for settling in. This morning I had to file some files, and print out name tags for people’s desks. The nametags got printed two to a page, so we had to print them again. After that I laminated them. The woman that was with me until noon advised I take it slow, because she wasn’t sure how much work I would have for the following two weeks, but I got through everything I had to do rather quickly. I spent the remaining few hours surfing the net, reading articles on the precious few sites that weren’t blocked- really just Bloomberg and Bit-tech. Maybe it has something to do with the letter B. Don’t ask me why I went to Bloomberg.

And a new segment, because I’m a grumpy whiner

What’s Bothering Simon?

I’m a little pissed off, and here’s the skinny why. A few months ago, I found out that Avril Lavigne was coming to Dublin, so I though golly, I simply must go and I asked my friends if they’d like to also. They said yeah, so I was like yippee! But after a while, my friend said that it’s unlikely we’d actually go. I said I’d go nonetheless, and my brother said he’d go. Unfortunately, the European Lacrosse Championships in Helsinki fell on the same dates, so he couldn’t attend. That meant no Avril Lavigne. So now my friend springs on me that Paramore will be playing Dublin aswell, five days before I wanted to go to Avril Lavigne. I said I wouldn’t go, because he wouldn’t go to Avril Lavigne, so why should I do something he wants to do. I like the band, but I feel it’s unfair that he wouldn’t go to a concert taking place less than a week later- not that it coincided with anything, but he just didn’t want to go- and now he wants me to go to a different concert just because he says so. Nah



One Response to “Experience, Work”

  1. Corpsegrinder Says:

    dude,just stfu nd come 2 paramore…..LOL

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