I’m so tired right now. I’ve been at rehearsals since three-thirty till now, seven o’ clock, and I was at work for an hour before that. Also, I was waiting for my lift out in the freezing cold for twenty minutes, so I’m rather stiff. We turned the car around, but I saw a dude with a flat tyre, so I asked him if he needed a hand. He didn’t, so we went home.

Now I’ll list some game that I’m totally into right now


Oblivion’s a great game for all the freedom it grants the player and if I had to choose my Top 5 Favourite Games Ever it’d definitely make the list. I finished the main quest and the bulk of the remaining game before, so I’ve recently downloaded a slew of plug-ins from sites like TESNexus, which are great. I’ve got plugins to change large aspects of the world map, add new quests and rebalance game statistics. I’ve started working on a small quest mod which I may write about up here.

Bang bang


I got a lend of Crysis of my buddy Alex a while back, and I haven’t finished yet, probably because I heard that the game’s going to get much crappier from where I am onwards. The best parts are in the first half or so, where you’re doing some Far Cry-ish stuff. The game’s main selling point was the graphical superiority, and it’s pretty fun aswell, throwing around Korean dudes. Unfortunately, the game runs horribly on my cruddy PC, so it couldn’t drop my jaw that much, but it was fun to play some more Far Cry styled action.


Team Fortress 2

What can I say about TF2 that other people haven’t already said? It’s great, well-balanced multiplayer, the game, in its taunts, animations and visual style, is entertaining in itself, and it has some great music. Valve have really added some things that other multiplayer games just neglect, so it’s awesome in that respect. It’s probably the best part of the Orange Box, and you’ll get your money’s worth no problem.

The Bog

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

They could’ve just called this Call of Duty and forgotten about all the other games, for how superb this one is. It’s got great weaponry, tight action and it looks sexy, and the multiplayer is outstanding. I’m playing through it on xbox and I’m thinking of getting it for PC. Although rather linear, the single-player campaign is rarely dull.

So those are the games I’m playing right now mostly, I’ll let you know what else I play in the meantime.


2 Responses to “Exhausterated”

  1. CorpseGrinder Says:

    holy cowss batman u made anuder one…nioceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Jesus Says:

    Also, I was waiting for my lift out in the freezing cold for twenty minutes, so I’m rather stiff.

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