Hi Dean!

I don’t know what to write. Do bloggers usually welcome readers to their blog, or what? The only blogs I’ve ever read have been these guys, and Garry’s been going since the beginning of time, and Chris Livingston’s one was carrying over from his previous one from here, so I guess he didn’t really have to introduce himself or anything. Also, I’m not too sure on the etiquette of blogging. Do I know inform them that I’ve linked them in this post, or what? I suppose letting them know would be a good way of subliminally advertising my blog to them, rather than saying “hay gariy hey cris i hav a blog nd its kul cum rede it.” I was sort of hoping that they frequently Google their names, checking if anyone else talks about them. Well both their blogs are quite cool, I have them in my firefox quickbar and check them daily.

What can I write about in this blog? I figure I’ll just talk about games, internet stuff, articles I read, other blogs, random rants, thoughts or ideas I have, stuff like that. I’ll have to be careful to avoid becoming a weirdo that writes about their day and the emotions they stepped on the weighing scales in the morning, despite them knowing in the back of their head the sad truth that absolutely nobody has read their blog. Maybe nobody will read mine, I don’t know. But at least I know my buddy Dean said he’d read it, so that’s one more than that hypothetical recluse I just talked about. In your face, imaginary loser!

Let me just tell you that most blog posts after this one are going to be rather shorter, and better catergorised, so readers don’t just decide not to read it because its overlong. Like this post. Until I add a “blog-roll” I will list a few sites/blogs that I rather enjoy

  • Dinosaur Comics is great! If you haven’t read it by now, it’s a webcomic featuring identical clipart from issue to issue, but with different text and dialogue, which varies from guest comics, theological discussions, movie reviews and time-traveling three-parters stories (Well just the one, actually). They’re totally cool and are updated rather often.
  • 1fort is by Christopher Livingston, writing of the wonderful Concerned webcomic, as linked above. 1fort is now sort of the central hub between all sorts of stuff he looks at and talks about. I check it daily to see if there’s a new update on…
  • Living in Oblivion! I love that blog to bits, I do. It’s an experiment Chris is doing to see if he can live in the epic fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion… as an NPC. He endevours to avoid adventure, live an average life, eat and drink when necessary, and make an honest living working a job. After playing Oblivion for years (and I still do, more on that tomorrow) it’s great to read about Oblivion from the perspective of the little people that populate it. It’s got fantastic, entertaining writing, and I can totally relate to everything that happens in the blog. I really hope the protagonist, Nondrick doesn’t DIE sometime soon, because that would mean the end of the blog, which would be a cryin’ shame.
  • Garry Newman’s Blog. Not the electro artist, just so you know, but the maker of garrysmod, a Half-Life 2 sandbox modification gone professional. I go there quite often to read about what’s going on with him, garrysmod itself and other stuff. He moved apartment recently. Fascinating stuff
  • Cracked, a bitter rival to MAD, is always clogged up with terrific user-submitted articles and shortlists that have me ROTFLOLMAOZOMGing non-stop. It’s great stuff to read, and they even have a semi-weekly newscast, by Lex Friedman.

Well, that’s pretty much it for today’s blog. It’s horrifying to me that what took me the better part of an hour to write will probably take Dean twenty seconds to skim over, and then decide he’d spend his time better at pornhub.


2 Responses to “Hi Dean!”

  1. Jesus Says:

    roflzorz yourz tehz gayz, i love clemzorz ❤

  2. CorpseGrinder Says:

    loolz,theres my name in teh last paragraphh,tats how 1337 i am…i get talked bout on teh internetz…nice work work young chap.

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